1403 - Torqeedo Kayak Ultra-Light

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Torqeedo Kayak Ultra-Light

Simply the best kayak motor, with a total weight of 16 lbs. including the battery, the Torqeedo Ultra-Light defines a new class of boat drives. 

The motor was uncompromisingly designed for use on kayaks and other very light boats.  The unit consists of a shaft, a lithium-manganese battery measuring 10"X8"X4" and a remote control. 

Due to its unique mounting system, the Torqeedo Ultra-Light can be attached to almost any rigid kayak. The motor can be tilted into and out of the water during use and is designed completely waterproof, i.e. it can even be operated under water.  If the boat should capsize the motor automatically shuts off to avoid danger from the propeller.

The motor includes a GPS receiver providing data for the multifunctional display that is included in the remote throttle.  Information displayed includes battery charge status, remaining range, speed over ground and power consumption.  

The motor delivers a max speed of approximately 5.6 MPH and a range of 12.5 miles at slow speed.  The run time varies from 36 minutes at full throttle to about 2 hours at half throttle and about 5 hours at slow speed.

Further advantages:
Connection to kayak rudder provides easy steering (possible for most kayaks). Waterproof travel pack  for transport and storage and battery charger.

Specifications & Measurements
Range Estimates


Technical Data Kayak Ultralight
Input Power 400
Gas Outboard Comparison 1 hp
Rated Voltage 29.6VDC
Total Weight 16lbs.
Shaft Length n/a
Approximate Range at 4MPH 8 miles
Approximate Range at 2.5MPH 12.7 miles

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