SmartPlug 30 Amp Dual Configuration Cordset 25ft

SKU SP-C30253

SmartPlug 30 Amp Cordset 25ft

SmartPlug's fully molded 30 Amp 125 Volt Shore Power cordsets are the only shore power cords on the market which use tinned copper wire throughout the entire length of the cable for the ultimate in corrosion resistance. Works with

-Trip Thermostat 
-No adapters needed!
-SmartPlug connector on boatside end with twist-type plug on dockside end
-Tinned copper wire throughout entire cordset for the ultimate in corrosion resistance.
-Power-on indicator light on boatside connector end
-Straight electrical contacts with 20x more contact area
-Weatherproof face seal on boatside connector end
-Multi-point locking system

Click here to see a complete overview of the SmartPlug System!

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