SmartPlug Plug & Inlet Assembly 30A


SmartPlug Combo 30A | 125V

Includes female plug (SP-B30ASSY) and male inlet (SP-30S) 30A | 125V

Double Lock & Sleeve Connection  
Securely locks the plug into the inlet and prevent loose connections

Straight Pins
Allows the electrical pins to be straight – with greater contact area than the thin curved pins found on the legacy-style connectors.

Triple Waterproof Seal
Prevents corrosion of internal electrical components.  Utilizes a compressed front seal, a rear seal and a flanged cord seal that allows for flexibility. Multiple flanged cord seals are included to fit common cord sizes.

Trip Thermostat 
Built right into the receptacle to automatically shut off electrical current in the event of overheating.

Click here to see a complete overview of the SmartPlug System!

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