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SeaMaker 40 Gallon per Hour Water Maker Model and Pricing

                 Model   Fresh Water Production GPH/GPD  High Pressure Pump Amps 
120/220V AC
Boost Pump 
 SM40S 43/1032 13.5/6.8 13.5 $4955
 SM40 43/1032 13.5/6.8 13.5 $5350 

* The SeaMaker Simple water makers (SM40S and SM40S-50Hz) do not include the standard remote control panel and mount the system controls on the end of the RO Pressure Vessel 


Water Maker Module Sizes:

The below table provides the length, width, height, and weight of the various system modules.  The listed dimensions represent the greatest size measurement to create a box that the module can be contained within, however as can be seen in the module photo images, the modules could actually fit into a smaller space depending upon the installation orientation.

      Module    Length
 1: Pump and Motor 20  11  9 52
 2: RO Pressure Vessel   44 12  6.5   25  
 3: Prefilter Assembly 11.5 5 14.5 6.5
  3: 12VDC Boost Pump
 6.4 4.5 3.7 5.3
  4: Valving and Cleaning Assembly  13.5  5  14.5  5
   5: Remote Control Panel  7.5 5
10.75   4
  Valving & Cleaning Panel ($350)
6.25 5
10.75  5

We put together the Cruising Consumable Kit with everything you will need to cut the dock lines and head out cruising for a year or more for $135.
  • 20 and 5 micron pre-filters
  • Pickling reagent
  • Activated carbon filters
  • High pressure pump crank case oil
Please notify us if you plan a 220VAC installation so we can change the standard 120VAC electrical switch in your remote panel

Standard Boost pump is a 12VDC self-priming impeller pump.
A 120VAC Boost pump option is available for an additional $175 using 1.5A.  
A 24VDC Boost pump is also available for an additional $150 using 6.5A.

The SeaMaker Simple line  (S40S, SM40S) do not come with a remote panel.  The Simple water makers simply mount the needed system controls on the RO Pressure Vessel as shown in the photo to the right.
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