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A note on dimmers: Dimmers come in many different configurations and need to be carefully matched to their intended use. First determine whether you need a line voltage (120V) dimmer, a low voltage AC dimmer, or a straight DC dimmer. There are dimmers that can handle both AC and DC with extended functionality but they are more expensive than the simpler devices so you may want to be sure you want or need the extra functions.

Secondly, determine the load on each circuit that you want dimming control. Remember that Volts x Amps = Watts. If you know you have 5 x 12VDC lights with 20W bulbs, then you will require a DC dimmer that can handle 8.3 amps. Therefore, you should pick the 10 amp DC dimmer.

Then decide how many locations you want to be able to dim from. Some dimmers only support one switch, while others can support multiple switch locations per circuit.

Finally, choose between either rotary control or momentary push-button control and if the switch is sold seperately selecting one that matches the dimmer and your requirements. Don't see what you need? Call us - we'll help you find it.

Most devices, frames, outlets, switches etc... come in Plana, Idea or 8000 series and many come in grey or white. Choose the color when you select the product.

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