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Vimar uses the Italian definitions in their descriptions which are different that American standards. When there is one switch operating a circuit - Everyone calls this a 1-way. When there are two switches operating a circuit - Americans call this 3-way; Vimar calls this 2-way. When there are three switches operating a circuit - We in the U.S. for some reason call this a 4-way switch but Vimar calls this a "reversing" switch.

Luminescent means there is a dim glow in the dark spot that helps you locate the switch. Luminous means the switch has the option to insert a 12v or 24v small light (sold separately) that helps locate the switch in the dark.

Also, Vimar refers to a Momentary switch as a ‘Push Button’ switch.

Most devices, frames, outlets, switches etc... come in Plana, Idea or 8000 series and many come in grey or white. Choose the color when you select the product.

Selecting a Switch

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