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  Conceived on Italian soil near Venice, Vimar electrical devices have become leaders in the marine market for their safety, reliability, and styling. Modular control systems include a wide range of devices, designer plates with supporting frames and watertight boxes for wall and bulkhead installation. You can use plates that will hold up to 21 modules, including switches, dimmers etc..

Smoke-Gas Detectors, Visual Signaling, Accoustic, Signaling, Indicators, Push Buttons, Switches, Dimmers, Timers, Receptacles, Clocks, TV Outlets, Coax Outlets, Phone Outlets, AC/DC Outlets. Most devices, frames, switches etc... come in grey or white. Choose the color when you select the product.

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Idea Series Short Catalog      Idea Series Full Catalog (25MB)

Plana Series Short Catalog      Plana Series Full Catalog (42MB)

Vimar items are classified by series: Idea, Plana, and 8000. You would normally stay within a series for an installation to ensure color and size compatibility.
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