Due to our simple design and use of commercial quality parts and assembly methods, Cruise RO Water is proud to offer the best warranty in the water maker business.

SeaMaker Water Makers are guaranteed to be free of manufacturer defects and to perform within the stated specification for a period of three years (36 months) from the date of shipment to the original purchaser, while specific elements of the SeaMaker water makers are guaranteed for LIFE to the original purchaser of the system.  The components with a lifetime guarantee are the following:

       All Swagelok Stainless Steel fittings including:
             The Pressure Regulating Needle valve
             Product Water Selector 3-way valve.
       The RO Pressure Vessel
       High Pressure Stainless Steel Pump Head and Body

In the event of a defective component or failure during the term of the warranty, Cruise RO Water will inspect the defective part and repair or replace, with all the shipping charges being the responsibility of the purchaser to and from their location to our offices in Escondido, California. 

 As a condition of the warranty, the purchaser is responsible for conducting the recommended maintenance according to Cruise RO Water’s stated schedule of maintenance and operating their unit within the operational parameters outlined in this manual.

The warranty does not extend to parts that have failed due to misuse, improper installation and operations outside of those defined Cruise RO Water.  The warranty does not cover parts where the serial number has been removed or defaced and the warranty does not apply to the normally recurring consumable or wear and tear items as defined below:

Pre-filter elements 5 and 20 micron
            Activated carbon back-flush filter elements
            High pressure pump crankcase lubrication oil
            Boost pump flexible impeller
            High Pressure Pump Valves, Packing, and Ceramic Plungers.

Cruise RO Water’s liability under this warranty shall be limited to repair or replacement of the Cruise RO Water water maker at Cruise RO Water’s option.  Under no circumstances shall Cruise RO Water be liable for consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected with the failure of the system to perform as set forth herein.